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We recognize that parents are the first teachers of their child and we appreciate the decisions that parents make regarding their child’s education. It's been said that education is a gift; however, a Catholic education is a priceless gift. We respect that a Catholic education requires sacrifice and we take our responsibilities very seriously when it comes to helping youngsters develop a solid foundation for their futures---not just the future they may experience, but the future they desire.

"What greater work is there than training the mind and forming the habits of the young?"
-St. John Chrysostom

Should you have any questions, please call the school office at 360-491-7060. We encourage you to call or visit the school to learn more about our enrollment process, take a tour, see the classrooms, and perhaps meet with the teachers. Thank you for your consideration of Holy Family School.

All Are Welcome!  


Please contact the school office if you would like us to mail you a hard copy.  Otherwise, you may download and print the .pdf's above.  Note:  Your child will only be enrolled in Holy Family School once our office has received all of the necessary documents, completed and signed, along with your registration fee and any related information such as 'Request for Records' for transferring students.  Also, prior school year accounts must be in good standing.  Thank you.

2019-20 Registration Fees:
$200 for Preschool 3-Year Olds, 3 Days A Week, Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday, 8:10a.m.-11:00a.m. 

$300 for Pre-Kindergarten, 4-Year Olds, 5 Days A Week, Monday-Friday, 8:10a.m.-11:30a.m.

$450 for Returning K-8th grade families, per student, or a maximum of $900 per returning family.

Note:  Registration fees are non-refundable and include our Supply Fee, Lab Fee, and Book Fee.

2019-20 Tuition:

Preschool (3's) - $1,970 - 3 Days A Week, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, 8:10a.m.-11:00a.m.

Pre-Kindergarten (4's) - $3,330 - 5 Days A Week, Monday-Friday, 8:10a.m.-11:30a.m.

Grades K-8 - 1 Child - $6,650

Grades K-8 - 2 Children - $11,990

Grades K-8 - 3 Children - $17,010

Note:  Tuition is payable all up front, by August 05th, with a 5% discount -or- via 10 monthly payments, September-June, with the first payment due by September 15th.

2019-20 Recruitment / Tuition Reduction Incentive(s):

A. 5% reduction in tuition if the year is paid in full by August 5th, 2019

B. $1,000 Discount - Sacred Heart Parish K-8 Family - Registered and supportive of the Parish - For the first year.

C. $1,000 Discount - New K-8 Military Family - For the first year. 

D. $500 Discount - New K-8 Government Employees (State or Federal) - for the first year

E. 25% reduction in tuition if a family with a currently registered student successfully recruits a new K-8 family/student to enroll for the 2019-20  school year. The 25% tuition reduction applies only so long as the newly recruited student(s) remain enrolled, and only for the first year.

The 25% 'E' tuition reduction applies each time a currently registered family recruits a family/student. For example, if the currently registered family recruits a second new family to Holy Family School, a 50% total tuition discount would apply for the recruiting family.

*Please Note:

The Sacred Heart Parishioner Discount, New Military Family Discount, and the Recruitment Discount incentives listed above are limited to one per family. In the event that more than one of these three is simultaneously applicable the school will apply the one highest discount involved.

Payments :

All families are required to create an account with FACTS payment plan. Installment plans are available through EFT and Credit Card payments. An additional 2.85% fee will be added for credit cards.  Our school business manager is available to provide assistance as needed. Thank you.  

2606 Carpenter Road SE, Lacey, WA 98503 - Telephone:  360-491-7060 - E-Mail:  office@holyfamilylacey.com 

Holy Family School will be closed March 16 through April 24, 2020 due to coronovirus concerns.

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